Doesn't do break ups well

Brendan Block
19 December
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He handles break ups badly.

Name: Brendan Block
Age: ~30s
Canon: Secret Smile (film adaptation)
Canon Point: Pre-canon or just disregarding the Miranda fiasco entirely. Or post-canon. It's a new muse. All I'm not touching is messy, messy canon. No one wants to get stalked by his ex.
Location/Time Period: Earth, usually London-ish, circa 2005-ish
Notable characteristics: Doctor!face with a Scottish accent. Charming smile. Might exude confident charm or creepy creepiness or both.
Species: Human. Completely average, no power but his charisma.
Canon Compliance/Headcanon of note: Highlight plot points. He did not murder Laura or push Troy to kill himself intentionally, nor did he murder his parents. He's a petty, vindictive, manipulative, control freak with stalker tendencies, but he's not a murderer. He has too much finesse for that. Besides, it's not as if he left a trail before.
PB: David Tennant
Mun Note: He's mostly harmless as long as you A: Don't get involved in his game or B: Play by his rules and C: Don't get dragged into one of his revenge trips. (Actually he's completely harmless no matter what as long as rule A is followed. Aside from possibly maybe ending up mugged 8|) If you want to play with his darker side, that's fine, but it's not necessary, and the mun enjoys playing ambiguous characters anyway, so in most threads he'll probably only be charismatic or disinterested, no worries about random stalking or harassment.
Son of the Mun Note: If for some reason it does come up, Brendan easily gets obsessive, and from there he can get controlling and clingy, and should his overtures be spurned he will react badly. He's manipulative, dogged and vindictive about claiming revenge or proving himself in control. He has stalker-y tendencies once he's gotten obsessive, and is pretty good with playing head games in his pursuit of whatever it is he's decided to achieve. If he's really pushed, he can get violent, even to people who aren't all that involved in whatever is bothering him. While there's no need to play with his darker side, be forewarned it can get very dark should you choose to.
Disclaimer: Both mun and muse are over 18, thank goodness.